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What is na9eebi?

Na9eebi is an app which provides an opportunity for GCC nationals and GCC residents to meet with like -minded people with the intention of finding their ideal marriage partner. 

How does na9eebi work?

Na9eebi uses artificial intelligence to match based on: Lifestyle, Cultural Values, Career & Wealth, Personality and Appearance. to match you with your ideal like-minded partner.

Who is eligible to use na9eebi?

We cater to a niche market: Adults 18 years of age and above who are single men/women, divorced men/women, separated men/women, widowed men/women, men seeking more than one wife, GCC Nationals, GCC Nationals living abroad and non-GCC nationals residing in GCC.

Do I have to upload a photo of myself?

We do not require our clients to upload any photos of themselves, but instead we have tapped in to cutting -edge technology whereby we ask our clients to create their own photos by designing their own avatars that best match their description.

What do I get with a free Na9eebi account?

Na9eebi is free to download and build your profile.  With a free Na9eebi account you will still be able to:

Build your profile and set your preferences, view your top 5 matches, with restricted profile access, accept connection requests from paid users and chat with them.

What do I get with Na9eebi Premium?

Na9eebi Premium is your paid subscription which will provide you with: unlimited matches, more profile details of your matches before connecting, send unlimited connection requests.

How do I sign up to Na9eebi?

You can only sign up to Na9eebi via your mobile phone number. You will then receive a 4-digit code as a SMS, which you will need to enter in the app in the section that says enter your code.

In which countries is Na9eebi now available?

Na9eebi is targeting a niche market and is only available to GCC nationals and GCC residents globally.  Please note that GCC countries consist of: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar.

What are the supported platforms and devices?

Na9eebi is currently available on iOS and Android.

What are Na9eebi’s data protection and privacy rights?

Visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about our privacy practices.

Using Na9eebi

How can I match with other users and chat?

You will be able to fully match and chat with other users once you have completed your profile, uploaded a profile picture that complies with our rules and paid the Na9eebi premium subscription fee.

How does Na9eebi preferences search work?

Based on your profile and preferences, our advanced algorithm match maker will find your matches based on a compatability % match. To view the full profile you will need to request connection and have your request be accepted by your potential match.

If you are not a premium Na9eebi subscriber then you will be limited to viewing only your top 5 matches.

Can I chat/connect to more than one potential partner at a time?

There are no limits to the number of potential matches you can chat and connect to at the same time, unless you decide to go exclusive (mark as Na9eebi) with one of your matches!

Can you go exclusive on Na9eebi?

Selecting “Mark as na9eebi” in the app, this will mean: you have found your perfect match and would like to pursue your relationship further! All other chats will be inactive, and we will stop matching you with other members and you will not get anymore requests. Both parties need to accept to be exclusive. And you can also decide not to be exclusive anymore if the perfect match was not meant to be further down your journey. 

Can I upload real photos of myself on Na9eebi?

Yes, you can! However, it will not show as your profile picture. Real photos can only be viewed by your approved matches if you choose to show them your photos. 

Can I edit my profile and my preferences?

You can edit your profile and preferences at any time from the profile tab. You will not be able to edit your name, age, and gender after sign-up.

How do I start a chat?

You can instantly start chatting with your potential match if two users connect with each other. So, request a connection and simultaneously have that request be accepted by the other person.

Can I delete a message?

Sorry! Once a message is sent through the chat, you cannot delete it.

Can I search for a specific person on Na9eebi?

Sorry! This is not possible. 

Can I disconnect a person?

Yes, you can go into their profile and click on ‘Part Ways’. This will deactivate your chat and you will no longer be connected together.

If I disconnect with a match, can I later change my mind and match with them again?

Once you unmatch with a person, this will automatically end the chat with them.
You won’t be able to go back to their profile and change your mind. This person will also not show up in your matches again.

How do I report someone for inappropriate behavior?

You can report accounts which appear to you as you browse matched profiles, or people you have already connected with. You’ll be required to provide a detailed reason for their violation. Once you file your report, a member of our team will review your case and take the necessary steps.

How do I delete my account?

Go to your Settings to delete your account.

How many languages does the Na9eebi app operate in?

Na9eebi is currently only available in English. However, stay tuned as we have plans to introduce Na9eebi in Arabic soon. 

Profiling & Match-Making with Na9eebi

What is automated decision-making and profiling?

Europe’s data protection framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), provides the following definitions: Automated individual decision-making: making a decision about an individual solely by automated means (i.e., using computers and algorithms only, without any human involvement in the decision-making process). Profiling: evaluating certain things about an individual, including interests, preferences, or behavior, through an automated processing of personal data (e.g., using computers and algorithms to determine someone’s interests based on his or her online behavior).

How does automated decision-making and profiling work for Na9eebi?

Automated decision-making and profiling are invisible features that are at the heart of our services which enables you build meaningful matches and relationships. We use these features for the following reasons:

To help connect you with your matches: We use the information you provide us to enable best possible matching algorithm and recommend compatible people to you.

To promote safety and security: We use automated decision-making and profiling as part of our efforts to promote the safety and security of our clients by making it easier to prevent illegal and unauthorized actions from happening and to efficiently detect and fight those actions when they happen. This processing may lead to suspension or account closure for clients who are reported to be found to engage in illegal or unauthorized activities, without prejudice to other legal actions we could take.

Safety & Security

How does Na9eebi ensure my safety and security whilst using the app?

Na9eebi takes steps to ensure that all your interactions with matches take place on a safe and secure digital platform.

To maintain a good level of personal safety, we recommend that our clients report any type of violations or misconducts when necessary.

Our trained team may review interactions that are flagged by our automated tools or in response to a user report. We may use these examples to train our technology to improve our ability to find and remove similar content.


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